Private Lives

written by Noel Coward

The Guardian Article in Print (18 Feb 2010)

The print version has far more pictures of Matthew Macfadyen than the online version.  If you live in the UK, run out and get a copy! Lorna has scanned the article for those of us not in the UK.  Thank you!

The Guardian Article in Print (18 Feb 2010)

Guardian Interview for Private Lives (Feb 2010)

A brand new interview with Matthew Macfadyen has just been published for The Guardian and can be found online HERE.

Photo by Linda Nylind

Guardian Interview for Private Lives (Feb 2010)

Luncheon with the cast and crew of Private Lives

Today, the luncheon with some of the cast and crew of Private Lives was held and we are fortunate to have a report back from Jane.  Apparently Simon Paisley Day (Victor) and Lisa Dillon (Sybil) along with the assistant director, Lottie Wakeham, were present.

The full details are being discussed in the forum, but here are some tidbits:

Matthew does not really play the piano, although he knows how (the details were quite hilarious)

It's unlikely the production will be extended as both the leads are international stars and have other commitments. 

Conor's Review of Private Lives

"The new Bath production enlivens every line of Coward's drama while Cattrall and MacFadyen are brilliant in the roles, though they are ably supported by Simon Paisley Day as stuffy Victor and Lisa Dillon as the romantic perfectionist Sybil. This is a great production of one of Coward's plays, and should be a big hit when it transfers to the Vaudeville in London. It has had a rapturous reception in Bath."

That's what Conor's commentary had to say about Private Lives.  Read the full review HERE.

Private Lives: first local reviews

The Theatre Royal Bath facebook page has shared links to some local reviews for the production.

"it is against this production that all future Private Lives will be judged, and probably found wanting... The chemistry between Kim Cattrall and Matthew Macfadyen is all that you could ask for - and more" Bath Chronicle

"Kim Cattrall is a glittering leading lady ... Matthew Macfadyen ... a hugely charismatic leading man who delivers waspish one-liners like he's invented the art form" 9/10 Bristol Evening Post.

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