Ripper Street: Two Nominations for BAFTA TV Craft Awards

Ripper Street received two nominations for the BAFTA TV Craft Awards, marking the first BAFTA nominations for a programme shown exclusively on Amazon’s Prime Instant Video.


  • VINE FX, COLIN GORY Atlantis - Urban Myth Films/BBC One 
  • COLOSSUS PRODUCTIONS, VISION3 David Attenborough’s Conquest of the Skies 3D - Colossus Productions/Sky 3D
  • ED BRUCE, NICHOLAS MURPHY, JOHN O'CONNELL Ripper Street - Tiger Aspect Productions, Lookout Point/Prime Instant Video



  • PAUL MCDONNELL, HUGO MOSS, NATHAN MCKENNA Da Vinci's Demons - Adjacent Productions, Phanton Four Films/Fox
  • ERIK FRIEDMAN, RUDY JAIMES, RAY BURRIS Penny Dreadful - Neal Street Productions, Desert Wolf Productions/Sky Atlantic 
  • NIC BENNS, MIKO KATO, JIM FISHER Ripper Street - Tiger Aspect Productions, Lookout Point/Prime Instant Video 
  • MARK ROALFE, TOMEK BAGINSKI, RON CHAKRABORTY Winter Olympics 2014 – BBC, KCR, Y&R, Stink, RedBee Media/BBC One

Matthew Macfadyen's Favourite Hotels (Condé Nast Traveller April 2015)

Matthew Macfadyen spoke to Condé Nast Traveller about his favourite hotels.

An excerpt:


'I stayed here for about five months on a TV shoot. Usually after a few weeks, anywhere, no matter how luxurious, drives me up the wall - just the sameness of it - but this place was so fantastic I would definitely go back for a mini-break. The staff are brilliant and make everything so easy; it's just perfect.' Doubles from about £150

Read about all of his favourites HERE.

Ripper Street S3: BBC America premiere date April 29th!

The US premiere of season 3 of Ripper Street has finally been announced by BBC America and it will be shown on Wednesday April 29th starting at 10 pm/9 C

You can see more information about the third season on the BBC America website.

Welcome to Karastan: New Photos

As Welcome to Karastan (aka Epic, aka Lost in Karastan) prepares to have its theatrical release in Germany on May 14, 2015, new photos from the movie have been released. 

You can view all of them HERE.

(thank you Luce!)

The Enfield Haunting: Coming to Sky Living May 2015

Empire Magazine has an article in its April issue about Sky Living's upcoming spooky The Enfield Haunting which also states that the show will air in May.

Directed by The Killing's Kristoffer Nyholm, Sky Living's three-parter is a reawakening of one of Britain's most notorious paranormal events.  In the summer of 1977 more than 1,500 incidents were witnessed in one home by the press, police and [Timothy] Spall's psychic sleuth, Maurice Grosse.  It is very much, Britain's Amityville.

"The supernatural is always scarier in a normal setting," says Spall. "This isn't a Gothic castle, it's 1970s Enfield...  The story reminds me of a kitchen-sink Crucible: instead of getting rid of the thing, the 'helpers' end up exacerbating it.  The script scared the hell out of me-- I'd be very surprised if the show doesn't do the same."

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