Private Lives

written by Noel Coward

Private Lives a Matthew-centric review from Bath

Tonight four of us attended Private Lives at the Theatre Royal in Bath.  Lizzie, kls010, DMMfanusa and I (cubbie) all were very impressed with the production, the beautiful set, and the entire cast of Private Lives.  We had already met the charming Simon Paisley Day the previous night, and were looking forward to seeing him on stage along with Matthew and Kim and Lisa Dillon. 

First, Kim Cattrall was amazing.  She looked about 30 years of age, even when wearing nothing but a towel.  Her acting was fabulous and her accent was flawless.  Lisa Dillon was a delight as Sybil.  Simon had us laughing throughout.  He was perfect as a buttoned up British gent.

Now, for what you've been waiting for.  Matthew stole the show as the charming, sarcastic, and debonair Elyot Chase.  His comedic timing was flawless and better than we could have expected.  He was dashing in his tuxedo, his 3 piece suit, but it was the silk pajamas that caught and held our attention.  His bare feet were a delight, too. He sang beautifully, his dancing was divine, he played the piano and spoke French.  He is truly multi-talented.  He had the audience laughing throughout, but the fight scene between Amanda and Elyot left our mouths hanging.

At the end of the show, Matthew received loud cheers along with whistles of appreciation.

We left the show wanting to see it again and have already gotten tickets.  We then waited outside the stage door and got glimpses of Simon and Kim, but it was Matthew for whom we were waiting.  He signed a few autographs, thanked the fans, and then approached us.  He thanked us for coming and we had an opportunity to ask about future projects. When asked, he said he might be in the Promised Land, which surprised us as we thought this was a done deal.  He did share with us that he will be in a new project for television called "Any Human Heart" by William Boyd.

For more about our night, visit the forum.

*photo taken by DMMfanUSA

Private Lives a Matthew-centric review from Bath

Private Lives: Matthew encounters

Jane has shared her photographs and details of the show as well as meeting Matthew last night, after Private Lives. Read the full account in the forum.


MM sings beautifully, dances, wears the most sexy tuxedo (after a really gross grey suit!) and the most to die for silk pyjamas!! Touch of chest hair - loads of eyebrow and hand porn - and naked feet!!

Private Lives: first night

Jane from the forum shared a photo of the theatre in Bath where Private Lives opens tonight. A text from her in the interval indicated that Matthew sings during the production.

Private Lives: first night

Matthew the Giggler

JaneV has found an interview with the actress who plays Sybil in Private Lives, Lisa Dillon. In the interview, Lisa has the following comments:

"Sometimes Kim and Matthew will run their dance sequence or practice their song." and

"Matthew is delightful, incredibly warm and good fun. He’s a bit of a giggler and is often found with his head buried into a cushion, trying not to laugh."

Read the full interview, as it provides a lot of insight into the practice involved.

Matthew Macfadyen Interview in Telegraph-- Private Lives (Feb 2010)

Jane has found the newest interview by Matthew Macfadyen for Private Lives in the Telegraph.

Read it HERE

Matthew Macfadyen Interview in Telegraph-- Private Lives (Feb 2010)
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