Private Lives

written by Noel Coward

Geraint Lewis photographs from Private Lives

Geraint Lewis has taken multiple photographs at Private Lives.  You can view the photos HERE.

Thanks to Matthew's German forum.

Daily Mail article on Kim Cattrall in Private Lives

The Daily Mail article is a feast for the eyes, with lovely photos of both Matthew Macfadyen and Kim Cattrall in Private Lives.

See the article HERE.

Kim Cattrall interview for the Guardian

An article in the Guardian has a backstage interview with Kim Cattrall as she prepares to get ready for her role in Private Lives. An excerpt:

...and she's now working in this Coward revival with Matthew Macfadyen, directed by Richard Eyre. And she gets, she burbles excitedly, to sing. "It's a good time to be an actress over 40, actually. A lot of us are now able to just… mix it up, take the films, or the plays, that we really want, and what's going on in the West End here is quite extraordinary.

Read the full interview HERE.

A Housewife's Review of Private Lives

Private LivesA 21st Century Housewife has also blogged about Private Lives, which you can read HERE.

Here are some choice comments:

"Everyone was clearly enjoying themselves and at one point they had us all nearly crying with laughter."

"This new production at The Vaudeville Theatre on the Strand in London stars Kim Cattrall and Matthew Macfadyen. They make a fantastic Elyot and Amanda; their comedic timing is absolutely wonderful. The supporting cast (Lisa Dillon, Simon Paisley Day and Caroline Lena Olsson) are equally brilliant."

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