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Matthew Macfadyen interview at the Orlando Sentinel

The Orlando Sentinel has posted a lovely interview with Matthew Macfadyen.  He talks about the real role he'll be playing in Three Musketeers (see the previous post) as well as the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood.

"My sheriff is a very far-distant cousin of Alan Rickman’s sheriff, because he is, well, an idiot, a small-town bureaucrat who is after the money and wants to get into Maid Marion’s knickers.”

And since the film is about how Robin Hood became Robin Hood, there’s always the possibility of sequels.

“Sequels? Really? You’re right. Oh yes, I love playing this idiot!”"

Read the full interview on the Orlando Sentinel.  The article was written by Roger Moore /Film Critic-Tribune Newspapers. 

Telegraph article on Robin Hood

The Telegraph has an article discussing the Robin Hood and how it is different from previous versions.  In the article, the following is mentioned:

"Matthew Macfadyen says he arrived on set with only four scenes as the Sheriff of Nottingham, but ended up with six and a wildly different outcome. The script was 'quite fluid’, he says. 'First I was going to be stabbed by Cate Blanchett, then I got new pages through and I was killed by Mark Strong [Sir Godfrey], then I was going to be murdered by a thug on horseback. So my deaths got worse and worse.’ In fact, Scott liked his performance so much that he kept him alive. 'The Sheriff is more of an idiot than an evil psycho,’ Macfadyen says."

Read the full article on the Telegraph.

Jonathan Ross Podcast with Matthew Macfadyen Interview now available

The BBC-Jonathan Ross podcast for the interview with Matthew Macfadyen is now available for download HERE.

Guardian Interview for Private Lives (Feb 2010)

A brand new interview with Matthew Macfadyen has just been published for The Guardian and can be found online HERE.

Photo by Linda Nylind

Guardian Interview for Private Lives (Feb 2010)

Audio interview of Russell Crowe on Robin Hood

Thanks to forum member Lizziej, she found an audio interview of Russell Crowe on the set of Robin Hood.  There's no mention of Matthew, though.

You can listen to it here

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