Spooks / MI 5 series 3

Episode Synopsis

Episode 1  Project Friendly Fire

 MI5 is in crisis.

Tom Quinn has disappeared, having shot his superior Harry Pearce. Tom also stands accused of assassinating the Chief of The Defence Staff. Could this be the perfect opportunity for conspirators in the darker corners of Government to overhaul the organisation? Or is there still time for Tom to be proved innocent?

Oliver Mace is chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee. When he hears of Tom's actions, he seizes the opportunity to take control of Britain's homeland Intelligence Service. But what are his true motives?

With the Prime Minister's backing Mace launches an investigation into MI5. Mace claims that MI5 is 'rotten to the core'. Can he succeed in depriving the organisation of its independence? Or will a familiar face from the past save the day?

Danny, Zoe and the rest of the team, under intense watch, manage to skip surveillance and meet to discuss what to do. They must inform Harry, who is appalled to learn of this "conspiracy, in the darker corners of Government" and their crass intention to "modernise the intelligence services".

 Harry's contacted by Tom Quinn. Tom's been living undercover as a homeless man since he was last seen wading into the sea. Tom tells Harry that MI5's only hope of survival is to prove that Tom was innocent. A few hours later the body of the man, Herman Joyce, who Tom claimed set him up in revenge turns up on the steps of Thames House - Tom has murdered him but is this proof enough that Tom was innocent?

Mace doesn't think so. So the battle for control continues. Tom, Zoe and new recruit Adam entice Herman's wife, yet to know her husband is dead, into coming over to the UK. Despite Mace's attempts to throw them off the scent of Carmen, they track her down to a flat. She's in on the revenge plot against Tom - but realising Herman's dead, she shoots herself.

No matter as the team have recorded her every word. Tom is in the clear and back at MI5. But so is Mace...

Episode 2  The Sleeper

 Harry Pearce reawakens a 'sleeper': Fred Roberts, renowned chemical engineer, Nobel Prize winner and happy family man. Fred sold his soul to MI5 over twenty years ago in return for a helping hand on the career ladder. Over the years this pact has become nothing more than a faded memory, but the time has come for Fred to repay his debt.

Harry and the team are running Operation Flytrap - they want to spread the lie that Fred has made Red Mercury, a lethal trigger for explosives, in order to attract terrorist groups. Harry approaches Fred, who is unwilling to sacrifice the happy and secure life he has made for himself. But Harry makes him an offer he can't refuse - don't co-operate and your life and reputation will be systematically ruined.

Tom, Zoe and Danny convince Fred that he has no choice. They have already dealt with his financial affairs: Fred is now in serious debt, desperate for money and would go to any lengths - including selling Red Mercury. Fred cracks and agrees. His wife, ignorant of the truth, flees the family home believing Fred is a gambling addict with debts and a vicious streak. Tom seems to be relishing forcing this man to become MI5 bait. He dismisses Harry's request to keep an eye on Fred's emotional wellbeing.

Meanwhile, Zoe has taken a liking to Will North, a photographer she catches skulking around. After he's been checked, she doesn't hold back from having a passionate fling.

Soon enough Fred is approached by a terrorist suspect. He's offering $5 million for 5 grams of Red Mercury. Fred is warned - if it turns out he has dealings with MI5, his family is dead. The team trace the man - he's a chemistry postgraduate student, Lawrence Sayle, and his connection: he's part of the Syrian Secret Service and has Al-Qaeda sensibilities.

 Fred begins to fall apart under the strain. Then cracks appear in Tom - he's beginning to care about what this is doing to Fred and his family. He pleads with Harry to put Fred's family into a safe house. Harry is unmoved. The family stays where they are, but Fred is to be told they are safe. Tom's increasingly troubled by Fred's exploitation. Harry refuses to cancel Operation Flytrap and Tom takes the decision into his own hands.

The team catch up with Fred agrees to return with them. Harry is forced to de-commission Tom from the Service. His career with MI5 is over.

Back at the lab, Lawrence Sayle comes to collect his Red Mercury and falls into a sting headed by Adam Carter. Operation Flytrap has been a success and Fred is free. So is Tom, who takes one last look at Thames House before he walks away for good.