Any Human Heart (2010)

Genre: A novel by William Boyd written in 2002.  Boyd himself adapted the novel to screenplay.  This will be presented as a 4 parter for Channel 4 (UK). It will be a 6 hour series, in total and will has an all star cast.

Synopsis: (Wiki) It is the intimate journal of the writer Logan Mountstuart and is written in the style of a autobiography but is actually pure fiction.  Logan has a habit of popping up at pivotal moments in 20th century history and teetering on the brink of immortality, before inevitably plunging back into unhappy obscurity. In the novel, Boyd weaves an invented life into the fabric of history, with characters such as Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemingway and Evelyn Waugh showing up at parties and brief meetings on the street.

(Google Books) in a series of intimate journals, the story of Logan Mountstuart—writer, lover, art dealer, spy—as he makes his often precarious way through the twentieth century.

Logan Mountstuart is a witness to the pivotal events of the 20th century. Logan will be played by 3 different actors playing the various stages of his life. A younger Mounstuart will be played by Sam Claflin, followed by Matthew Macfadyen.  Jim Broadbent will play the older Mountstuart.

The cast is star studded and includes Kim Cattrall and Gillian Anderson.

Matthew Macfadyen Role: Logan Mountstuart (middle ages)

Status:   Matthew filmed May/June in London and Spain.  It will be released on UK's Channel 4 in November 2010

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