The Pillars of the Earth

Genre:  an 8 hour made for TV miniseries, Drama, Book adaptation

Synopsis: This $40 million dollar miniseries is based on the novel by Ken Follett.  The plot of the suspense thriller set in 12th century England involves war, religious strife and power struggles as well as two interwoven love stories. It is based on the building of a cathedral in Kingsbridge, England.

Matthew Macfadyen Role: Prior Philip. A resourceful and dedicated monk, whose dream is to see Kingsbridge rise to greatness. He becomes the benevolent ruler of Kingsbridge — allocating resources, organising commerce, resolving disputes and meting out justice, essentially without armed force. His moral strictness frustrates several sympathetic characters, but is completely devoid of malice.(Wikipedia)

Status: Filming begins June 22, 2009 in Austria and Hungary. Expected to be shown on TV late 2010

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