Robin Hood's Quest Release Date Announced!

Robin Hood's Quest, the computer game in which Matthew Macfadyen narrates is going to be released as both pc and ps2 on February 16, 2007! Finally this is from an official source, so hopefully this is the correct release date.

But notice the cover of RHQ! Matthew Macfadyen is listed on the cover!

Below is the press release:

January 16, 2006

Share the Legend with Oxygen Games

Oxygen Games invites young fortune-hunters to share the legend with Robin Hood's Quest, The Snow Queen Quest and The Quest for Aladdin's Treasure. Bold adventurers should ready themselves by the time February and March are upon us.

Once upon a time in a land far, far away a gallant publisher of lifestyle games set upon a quest to provide relevant and appealing entertainment for a new breed of young adventurers.

Drawing on ancient legends, Oxygen Games took inspiration from tween-friendly fairytale heroes and mystical legends, mixed them up and waved its wand to produce a selection of great titles for the people’s favorite box of delights, ye olde PlayStation®2, (as well as for PC CD-ROM), once again succeeding in creating a selection of great games that gallant heroes of every generation are bound to appreciate and enjoy.

Champion of Oxygen Games, Jim ‘Sir Laughalot’ Scott declared:

“As a response to the rapidly changing market and most importantly the growth in younger PlayStation®2 consumers, we are delighted to be able to release a selection of titles which are both relevant and draw upon the imaginations of the younger gamer”

Dare ye take on Robin Hood’s Quest and bravely fight as the legendary Robin Hood and Will Scarlett, challenging the Sheriff of Nottingham and his fiendish troop? Take your band of merry men and defy said Sheriff and his evil henchmen. Brave wild forests, scale an impenetrable castle and rescue the beauteous Maid Marian! Get your hands on this wondrous adventure for PlayStation®2 and PC CD-ROM on February ye 16th…before the evil Sheriff does!

Cloaked in the shroud of winter, under the icy spell of the wicked Snow Queen, lies an ill-fated town. As the tale’s valiant hero, ye are joined by a brave and noble friend and together, ye must steal your way through enchanted forests into the depths of the Snow Queen’s castle to destroy the source of her power. End the evil Queen’s reign of icy terror and return the town to the summer sunshine on February 16th. The Snow Queen Quest will be available for PlayStation®2 and PC CD-ROM.

Legend tells of the adventures of a boy named Aladdin and his trusty companion, the Genie. Now heroic champions may take up Aladdin and the Genie’s mantle to speed by magic carpet across the desert planes. Once there, as our dauntless duo, you must puzzle through ancient temples to collect hidden treasures; only then making your way to the Great Temple to break Jafar’s evil spell and rescue Princess Jasmine. Magic, Treasure, and Adventure await you on PlayStation®2 and PC CD-ROM on the 16th March 2007… Take care to keep your wits about you!

To aid you in your noble quests, be sure to visit the wise oracle at:

Robin Hood's Quest Release Date Announced!