Matthew Macfadyen narrates Inside MI5: The Real Spooks

Matthew Macfadyen narrated the ITV production of Inside MI5: The Real Spooks, which aired tonight 7th December.


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‘INSIDE MI5: The Real Spooks’ is a brand new programme for ITV1 on the real story of MI5. MI5 was an organisation so secret that for decades, it didn’t officially exist. Television fiction has highlighted and glamorised the work of the organisation for years, but this documentary reveals the story of the real life drama of Britain’s Security Service. ‘INSIDE MI5: The Real Spooks’ is brand new and exclusive to ITV1, Monday 7th December at 10.35 pm.

For the first time in its 100-year history, MI5 has opened its top-secret files to uncover the truth about key episodes in Britain’s history.

This programme delves into those archives to explain how MI5 traitor Anthony Blunt could have changed the course of the war and ruined the success of D-Day.

It also reveals facts, which may surprise viewers, surrounding the allegations that former MI5 director Roger Hollis and Trade Union Leader Jack Jones were Soviet Agents. The programme also examines whether Prime Minister Harold Wilson was himself under surveillance and explores events surrounding the death of three IRA members in Gibraltar.

The programme also includes an exclusive, television interview with a former MI5 Director General and a KGB Colonel turned British Agent.