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Ripper Street S4: Interview with Matthew Macfadyen (The Iris Au Review)

Matthew spoke with The Iris about series 4 of Ripper Street.  Series 3 is currently available in Austrailia.  You can see Matthew's whole interview HERE.

He also talks abit about the future:

The next thing you’ve got coming up is “Churchill’s Secret” …

It’s a one off film about Churchill and his wife, I haven’t got a big part in it and I haven’t seen it but it’s coming out quite soon.
I’m still working on Ripper Street Season 5 we’ve got another couple of months left and then we’re done. After April 16th it’s a void there’s nothing else, I’m adrift.

Is the potential lack of employment a good thing or a bad thing, would you like to have a bit of time off? What would you normally be doing if you’re having downtime?

It’s normal, I would like to have a bit of time off, I’m sure I’ll start panicking after a few weeks but that’s what happens. I’m used to it now after 20 years. Sometimes you have a run of jobs and it’s lovely but I’m looking forward to a bit of time at home. I’ll just be with my family, my wife and 3 kids and it’s just lovely being at home, doing the school run, normal stuff, reading and catching up on stuff and seeing friends.

Again, read the full interview on The Iris

Ripper Street: Fifth series likely to be last

Ripper Street was showcased at the BBC Worldwide Showcase in Liverpool this week and Matthew Macfadyen, MyAnna Buring and writer Richard Burlow were in attendance.

When asked how they felt about Amazon ordering not just a third season of the show, but also a fourth and fifth simultaneously, they responded, “Very happy.” However, Warlow stated that the fifth season will probably be the right time to bid farewell to Ripper Street.


Ripper Street: CEETV meets Ripper Street

CEETV meets Ripper Street #BBCWShowcase

Posted by CEETV Ltd. on Tuesday, February 23, 2016
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