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Ripper Street S3: Matthew Macfadyen discusses Ripper Street's Third Series

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Speaking at Ripper Street's series three premiere in London, Matthew explained: "Reid has retreated from the world and lost his erstwhile friends Jackson [Adam Rothenberg] and Drake [Jerome Flynn], one to women and booze and one to Manchester. He's sort of alone and lonely."

Although his character doesn't now have former colleagues on-side, Matthew states that he enjoyed trying to envisage what he'd been up to during the time passed.


"As an actor it's wonderful because there's four years you can sort of make up in your head."

Ripper Street S3: Look for Radio Interviews

Ripper Street S3: Guardian Ripper Street Preview

Season three is bigger in every way, says The Guardian.

We return to Leman Street four years after the end of the last series, and the main players have dispersed. Detective Inspector Edmund Reid (Macfadyen), grief-stricken at the loss of his family, has taken a desk job in the archive. Detective Sergeant Drake (Flynn) is rising up the ranks in Manchester, and Captain Jackson is pretty much where we left him, lolling in a bed sheet, searching the night stand for a cigarette.

Ripper Street has grown broader shoulders and a more confident gait, while retaining the stillness that made it so impressive in the first place.

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