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Ripper Street: Best TV Show of 2013

Ripper Street was officially voted the Best TV Show of 2013, beating out Peaky Blinders, Breaking Bad, Doctor Who and Broadchurch.  

Ripper Street was controversially cancelled in December by BBC, a move many newspapers, viewers and actors have denounced.  BBC is currently in talks to see if funding can be outsourced to revive the show.

Ripper Street S2: BBC America Relaunches Season 2 on Feb 22 nd

BBC America quietly disposed of the previous premiere date (Dec 1) for Ripper Street only to quietly announce the new premiere date of Saturday, February 22 nd at 10 pm/9 pm Central in the US.

You can catch a small promo HERE


Remember to support the show by watching it on BBC AMERICA! 

Ripper Street: The Final Episode Tonight

Tonight is the series ending finale of Ripper Street (unless BBC reverses their decision). You can watch a clip if you live in the UK

As Reid and Drake find themselves powerless to resist the awful temptation of a final reckoning with K Division's Jedediah Shine, so Jackson and Judge's ever more desperate attempts to profit from the stolen diamond, lead them into the teeth of the murderous agents of the De Graal monopoly.

The Guardian has posted an article on "More Science of Ripper Street"

News that the BBC has axed this Victorian drama has saddened many who love its attention to factual detail and period look: audiences can learn a lot about nineteenth century science and medicine by watching the second series.

Learn the history of "smoking away your asthma" , "men of breeding", "phossy jaw" and the ac/dc debate in the above article.

Finally, here are more articles from the press discussing the BBC's choice to cancel Ripper Street.

  • Hack the Ripper: another long-term planning crime by the BBC. Cancelling the series after only 16 episodes will delight ITV and abandon the lucrative US market at which the show was aimed
  • Is the axing of Whitechapel and Ripper Street the Start of a New Trend?
  • The Herald Scotland
    • Conspiracy theorists among us wondered if this was a deliberate ploy by the BBC to create an excuse to axe the show, as those lovingly recreated, filthy 19th-century neighbourhoods were surely a burden on the Beeb's budget. Ripper Street had done well enough at its original transmission time, although its graphic violence and decidedly adult storylines had, even after the 9pm watershed, ruffled a few petticoats for the Sunday period drama brigade. The move to Monday felt like an undeserved, points-docked relegation to a lower league.

Ripper Street: Part of Guardian's Best Shows of 2013 List

Ripper Street has made the Guardian TV Critics "Best TV Shows of 2013" list.  Here's what they had to say about Ripper Street:

"The story did begin with the tail-end of Jack the Ripper's terrifying reign, but it went on to examine complex human motivations, to scrutinise the central characters and their lives beyond the police station and to cut through to the guts of what it means to be evil and/or human. And it did this while looking truly stunning. When direction, writing and acting come together in such unison, surely a broadcaster would fight to keep that band together. It seems madness to pull the chain on something so clearly, cohesively brilliant." Julia Raeside

Ripper Street S2: Behind the Scenes From The Finale

Thanks to Colm McCarthy for posting this video.  Beware spoilers.

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