Ripper Street

Ripper Street: What We Know About S3 So Far

Radio Times spoke with Ripper Street Show creator, Richard Warlow and here's what we know about series 3 so far:

  • There is no release day yet, but we shouldn't have to wait long
  • Writing for series 3 stopped in mid-November and was restarted a month ago
  • There are 9 weeks left to make the series.  (filming begins in May and ends in August)
  • The show will jump 4 years ahead to 1894 
  • The show will be heavily dealing with the aftermath of series 2 finale


"We are going to see the way the lives of our central characters have been univocally changed by the events of the end of the second series,"

  • Long Susan will have a bigger role
  • the railways will be featured
  • Jack is back... or at least the ripper myth will be addressed again

One storyline will revolve around the Macnaghten Memorandum, a document written by Chief Constable Melville Macnaghten in February 1984 which outlined the theory that Jack the Ripper only had five victims and also named three possible suspects. "Macnaghten put together an internal memo on who he felt the prime suspects were," said Warlow. "It’s very interesting to me that floating around our coppers was this serious projection of the various different suspects – I’m interested to see what kind of affect that will have on them."

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