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In My Father's Den US DVD cover

We are excited to find the DVD cover for In My Father's Den, but are also sad to say the release of the DVD has been delayed until January 2008, according to In My Father's Den US DVD cover

Swedish DVD Cover of In My Father's Den

Mrs Q has found the cover of the Swedish DVD of In My Father's Den. Notice only Matthew has his name on the cover and it's primarily his image. It will be availble in Sweden on 17 January, 2007.Swedish DVD Cover of In My Father's Den

IMFD Brazilian DVD

Thanks to Mrs Q of the Pemberworth forum, we have an image of the cover of In My Father's Den in Brazil. Personally, I much prefer this one for obvious reasons. IMFD Brazilian DVD

IMFD Movie Poster

In My Father's Den

Matthew Macfadyen
Quad, Ad Campaign
The poster pre-occupies itself with the two main characters of the film with colour systems that highlight the different moods of the two- cold dark colours for the sad and masculine MacFadyen and Femine, bright, hopeful colours to Barclay. The scenery of the film is almost a character in itself, contributing themes of isolation, escape and menace, with seemed vital to incorporate in the poster. The boxes break up the characters and scenery, and act as a kind of window into there lives, their straight edges and conformity adding depth to the themes of the film. The graphical element of the chaotic stream of flying birds also hints to themes but in the way the poster feels, they act as a break away from the st
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