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More information on the Frost/Nixon DVD

DVD Times has released more information about the Region 2 version of Frost/Nixon's DVD.

Deleted Scenes (over an hour)
Director’s Commentary
The Nixon Chronicles (7mins) – This is a U-Control Blu-ray only feature on the US releases.
The Making of Frost/Nixon (23mins)

Of note is the "over an hour" worth of deleted scenes and "23 minutes" of the making of Frost/Nixon. 

You may also want to see the Region 1 version of Frost/Nixon


Frost/Nixon DVD Release in the US

Frost/Nixon will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on April 21, 2009 in the US

You can see more details here

Matthew Interview for Frost/Nixon

Matthew has done an interview for Film News (along with Oliver Platt). You can read the full interview here.

How did you research your respective roles? Matthew, I believe you met the real John Birt?

Matthew Macfadyen: Yeah, I met him for lunch. It's weird portraying someone you've met, you don't necessarily think they're going to give you feedback but there is a sort of responsibility. I remember Kevin [Bacon] playing Jack Brennan when he was actually on the set. And on my last shot in the film John Birt was there in LA on business so I could see him behind the monitor watching me playing him!

He's portrayed in ultimately quite a sympathetic light isn't he? (about Nixon)

Matthew Macfadyen: I don't think it hurts to show that side of him. He's been demonised over the last 30 years, and with good reason, but it doesn't mean he's not still a human being.

People have been drawing parallels between President Nixon and George W. Bush...

Matthew Macfadyen: Yes, probably because they're both dirty, filthy, lying politicians!

Matthew Macfadyen Attends the SAG Awards

Matthew Macfadyen was seen at the Frost/Nixon table at the 2009 SAG Awards. Pictures will be forthcoming later.

Edit: images can be found in the gallery 

How Matthew prepared for Frost/Nixon

Matthew Macfadyen has said he prepared for his role as John Burt in Frost/Nixon by meeting the man himself.

The actor plays David Frost's producer at the time of his historic interviews with former US President Richard Nixon, and said the meeting was invaluable for learning about the times.

"We met in London before I came over here to shoot. I don't know why I did, I wasn't trying to do a slaveless impersonation of him because he's not in the public eye in the way that David Frost is and Richard Nixon was. But I had a sort of check list that I sort of picked his brains about what the field was like at the time, it was useful," he said.

You can read the full article here. (thanks to cinecing for the link)

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