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Matthew and Keeley attend Bafta film 2009

According to several forum members, both Keeley Hawes and Matthew Macfadyen have been seen at today's Baftas.  Matthew has been reportedly been seen and interviewed wearing black, chewing gum and freckled from the sun.

Thanks to those of us giving updates!  You can read more in the forum.

The Fix clip of Matthew

Earlier, we had mentioned that Matthew Macfadyen might be on The Fix on Living2.  Fortunately, JaneV was able to tape the show.

It showed a short interview with Matthew, Sam Rockwell and Oliver Platt discussing some gifts they had received for Christmas in years past.  Poor Matthew!  

Enjoy the clip in the gallery.  Thanks JaneV!

Advance screenings of Frost/Nixon in the UK

A listing of advance screenings of Frost/Nixon in the UK can be found here.  It apears that Cardiff is showing one on Sunday December 28th.

Thanks to the detective work of Matthieu. 

Clip from Frost/Nixon

LizzieJ found a new clip of Frost/Nixon that you can see on EWcom.  It involves Frost and Nixon, but not Matthew as Birt.

You can see the clip here.

French Press Pack for Frost/Nixon

The French Press Pack has been released by the distributor of Frost/Nixon. You can view the pack here.

Thanks to Matthieu for the find!

Also, the Frost/Nixon website has been updated.

A UK website is also functioning 

French Press Pack for Frost/Nixon
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