Ambassadors: Behind the Scenes look and the meaning of POD

BBC Media has posted a behind the scenes look at the upcoming Ambassadors for BBC Two.  If you live in the UK, you can view the video HERE.

They are a team under constant, competing pressures: pressures from London keen to ensure UK PLC doesn't miss out on lucrative business contracts in an emerging oil rich nation; pressure from his under-funded, under-resourced embassy struggling to maintain an image of Britain as an important global political heavyweight; and pressure to maintain good relations with a rigid, autocratic local regime with a dubious human rights record.

Matthew Macfayden plays POD – nicknamed the 'Prince of Darkness' – British Ambassador Keith Davis’s (played by David Mitchell) superior at the Foreign Office in London.  Matthew is listed as part of the ensemble cast rather than a guest star.

Ambassadors begins on BBC Two at 9 pm on 23rd October.  For more information on the first episode you can visit this link.