Ambassadors: No chance of a second series

The very enjoyable Ambassadors will not be having a second series, despite the show having received rave reviews. Matthew Parris, former Westminster Wag had this to say:

“The episode involving a fictional minor royal (obviously Prince Andrew) furious that there was no Four Seasons hotel for him to stay in was hilarious,” he writes, adding that his fondness for the programme was shared by the Prime Minister and several British diplomats. The Duke of York, however, is not a fan, and Parris claims Foreign Office pressures may have led William Hague to ban staff from tweeting about it when he was Foreign Secretary.

“Now I hear the BBC is getting cold feet about a second series,” Parris writes. “Next time some ghastly foreign despot objects to something else in our media, the BBC (and the FCO) will struggle to insist that in a democracy the government does not control these things.”

Both Matthew Macfadyen and Keeley Hawes starred along side David Mitchell and Robert Webb in Ambassadors.  You can still catch the show on itunes.

Ambassadors: Possible Return as a Drama

There might be a second series of Ambassadors if it gets revamped as a drama series instead of a comedy according to the Radio Times.

Read more about this exciting possibility HERE.

Ambassadors Nominated for Broadcast Press Guild Awards

Ambassadors has been nominated for Best Entertainment/comedy for the Broadcast Press Guild Awards.  Matthew Macfadyen starred as the Prince of Darkness (POD) in Ambassadors.

Below is the full nomination in that category.

  • Best entertainment/comedy
  • Ambassadors (BBC2)                
  • Fresh Meat (Channel 4)
  • Strictly Come Dancing (BBC1)                           
  • Toast (Channel 4)

This year's ceremony will take place at the Theatre Royal in London's Drury Lane on 28 March.      

Thanks to Karl for the information! (source)

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