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The History Channel's The Real Robin Hood

Last night, The History Channel, showed The Real Robin Hood, in which many clips of the movie Robin Hood were included.  Several showed the Sheriff of Nottingham, including the following.

Amusing P&P Music Video

I don't usually link to music videos but this one amused me and it's a slow Matthew Macfadyen news day. Here's a P&P video by WOW343

Mr. Darcy, the chick magnet

Mr. Darcy, the chick magnet

The strong, silent hero of Pride and Prejudice has long been a nemesis of the normal guy
Bruce Ward
CanWest News Service

CREDIT: Canadian Press
Matthew Macfadyen, attractively sullen as Mr. Darcy, dances with Keira Knightley in Pride & Prejudice.

OTTAWA - Some of you young studs out there will be taking your sweetie to see Pride & Prejudice tonight at the cineplex. You will encounter Mr. Darcy, maybe for the first time. And you will not prevail against Mr. Darcy. "What's the matter, Pops?" I hear you snickering. "Can't handle a chick flick?"

It was the best kiss, it was the worst in 'Pride & Prejudice'

It was the best kiss, it was the worst in 'Pride & Prejudice'


To kiss or not to kiss. That is the tempest brewing among Jane Austen lovers.

North American moviegoers are being treated to a smoochier finale to Pride & Prejudice, which opens wider Nov. 23, from the one playing overseas.

P&P Premier in Winchester

Found by super sleuth Mrs Q (again...Wink) here .P&P Premier in Winchester
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