Pain And The Itch: interview podcast

Thanks to 6point7 who found that the Royal Court website has an interview with the PATI director and writer, available for download as a podcast here.

Edit to add more 6point7 finds

Front Row of BBC Radio has Bruce Norris. Contains spoilers per 6point7. Aired on Monday, 11 June, 2007

American playwright Bruce Norris and British playwright Matt Charman join Mark Lawson to discuss their different approaches to writing sharp domestic comedy for the stage.
Bruce Norris's play The Pain and the Itch runs at the Royal Court Theatre in London from 14th June until 21st July,
Matt Charman's play The Five Wives of Maurice Pinder is on the Cottesloe stage of the National Theatre from 13th June

Night Waves will have Dominic Cooke on Monday.

Monday 18 June 2007 21:45-22:30 (Radio 3)

Ever since the 1950s, London's Royal Court Theatre has been regarded as one of the engines of new writing and the home of progressive British theatre. Dominic Cooke, its new Artistic Director, talks to Isabel Hilton about where he believes the Royal Court and British theatre should be heading.