Grazia Interview of Keeley (Jan 2007)

The following is a transcription of an interview from Grazia magazine. The scan is in the gallery, along with an image of Keeley. Thank you to kls010 for the interview and scan!

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Keeley Hawes: "I watched my husband kiss Keira"

Keeley Hawes is genetically blessed. She was expecting her third child during filming of After Thomas, a drama about an autistic child, and tells Grazia, "I was lucky, I don't get morning sickness. Then I had 10lbs 8oz baby boy, but left hospital looking like I did before I got pregnant." A pregnant Keeley also filmed Death at a Funeral with husband Matthew Macfadyen. "I played his wife. It was lovely... we'd go in and come home together. But I think everyone hoped we'd have a row on set.: How did she feel about his Pride and Prejudice kiss with Keira Knightley? Keeley laughs. "Keira is terribly young and he's a grown man with a family, so he was more embarassed than anything!"