Mirror Online Comments on "Secret Life"

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3 November 2006

BLEAK House favourite Phil Davis and former Spooks star Matthew Macfadyen are to play paedophiles in a controversial new Channel 4 film.

The pair have signed up to appear in Secret Life, which is certain to cause a stir because it focuses on the difficulties faced by sex offenders as they struggle not to give in to their vile urges.

Macfadyen - who has just become a father for the second time with his actress wife Keeley Hawes - plays Charlie, who was molested himself as a child and later jailed for preying on underage girls.

Following his release, Charlie receives psychiatric treatment in a rehabilitation centre, but life becomes much harder when it is closed down after protests from angry local residents.

Davis - who also has two young children - admitted he had to think long and hard before deciding to accept the role, which sounds very similar to the one Kevin Bacon played in Hollywood film The Woodsman.

Davis, who also starred in Rose and Maloney with Sarah Lancashire, said: "I'm a dad and I did think twice about taking on the role of a paedophile.

"There is no doubt it will make uncomfortable viewing but the script is very good and it no way forgives - or even tries to understand - what paedophiles do.

"What the film does do is point out the chronic lack of support for paedophiles when they come out of prison, and that the less help they get, the more danger they pose to children in society.

"I don't think playing the part will put me in danger. I know people sometimes confuse fact with fiction and there may be those who will feel uncomfortable passing me on the street. But they will have to deal with that. I am just doing an acting job.

"Secret Life shines a torch into a very dark corner of society and there will be nothing questionable in terms of what we have to film."