Rotten Tomatoes DAAF Review! (Sep 2006)

Reel_Reviewer from Rotten Tomatoes posted a mini review. It's not spoilery, but just in case scroll down to read the full article.

Director Frank Oz makes a strong return to form following his disastrous remake of "The Stepford Wives," so if you're ready to laugh (next spring) then keep this one near the top of your movie list!

[(2007)USA?/M-G-M] - (hr min)

Directed by Frank Oz
Written by Dean Craig

Cast ... Characters
Matthew Macfadyen ... Daniel (son in charge of funeral/Sandra's hubby)
Rupert Graves ... Robert (his brother/writer living in America)
Alan Tudyk ... Simon (Martha's fiance)
Daisy Donovan ... Martha (Simon's fiance/Justin's 'ex')
Kris Marshall ... Troy (Martha's brother/pharmacology student)
Andy Nyman ... Howard (Justin's pal/stocky bloke)
Jane Asher ... Sandra (the grieving widow/Daniel & Robert's mother)
Ewen Bremner ... Justin (Martha's 'ex'/Howard's red-headed pal)
Peter Dinklage ... Peter (the American)


Funny stuff, just go see it. Perfectly cast Brit ensemble milks the offbeat premise for all it's worth. Americans may be puzzled at first to see a funeral service being performed inside a family home, but it does set up a lot more hilarity than the typical reception at the funeral parlor (which is more typical here in the states).

If they gave Oscars for comedy Alan Tudyk ('Steve the Pirate' in "Dodgeball") would get my vote as he perfectly plays the funeral guest from hell and completely steals every scene he's in.

'Nuff said!

Additional cast:
Peter Vaughan ... Uncle Alfie (the elderly wheelchair jockey)
Keeley Hawes ... Jane (Robert's wife)
Thomas Wheatley ... The Reverend
Peter Egan ... Victor (Edward's brother/Martha's father)
Gareth Milne ... Edward (the dead body & stunt coordinator)
Brendan O'Hea ... Undertaker
Angela Curran ... Sandra's Friend