A Miracle

Genre: Comedy

Synopsis (from Starfield Productions):

The hook? Despairing London schoolteacher Izzy is on the brink of losing both his job and his wife when an opportunity arises to earn some quick and badly needed cash.

The job? Fly to Turkey and bring back a large “package”… In fact, it is a coffin. Containing the dead aunt of a millionaire ex-pat businessman who has no time to go and collect his relative himself.

The challenge? Only Turkish-speakers may apply for the job, and Izzy doesn’t know the lingo. But Orhan, the school caretaker, is Turkish! If Izzy can pretend to be Orhan’s mute cousin… then all should work out just fine, right?

The hitch? Nothing is as it seems. The dead aunt is not just any dead aunt. When, after many adventures, Izzy and Orhan get to the remote village, they discover that she is revered as a saint!  The last thing the villagers want is to let their miracle saint be buried elsewhere. And there’s more than just a dead, holy aunt in that coffin… It’s also full of brown powder, heading for the London streets…

What seemed to be a simple job quickly descends into mayhem and before they know it Izzy and Orhan are caught up in the midst of religious miracles, drug smuggling and gang warfare!

Will Izzy be able to get home and save his marriage? Will he actually be able to get home alive?

Matthew Macfadyen Role: despairing London schoolteacher, Izzy

Details: Written and directed by Ben Hopkins. A Miracle is a Har Films project in association with Starfield Productions.  Co-producers include Flying Moon in Berlin and Mars Films in Istanbul.  

Status: pre-production. 2014 shoot in the UK and Turkey

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 Trivia: Matthew Macfadyen and Ben Hopkins previously worked together in Epic