Alan Tudyk comments on Death at a Funeral

Alan Tudyk commented on Death at a Funeral in an interview for a broadway play. See the full interview here


But the one that I'm really excited about I did last summer in London, Frank Oz directed, and it's called Death at a Funeral, and it's a farce. I am anxious to see how it does because Frank cast whoever he wanted, and they allowed him to cast whoever he wanted, and what ended up happening was you've got a cast of actors who are not necessarily name actors that people go "oh I'm going to go see the new Russell Crow movie". There isn't this star attached to it that gives it that kind of box office heft, it's just actors doing this very funny script. To the audiences they've shown it to, it's gone really well. It was just at the HBO Aspen Comedy Festival and it won the audience award, which was great, but I play a guy who's an Englishman and it takes place at a funeral, and he's a very sort of nervous fellow and on the way, it's my fiancée's uncle who's passed, and we're on the way and I don't want to go, the father hates me, and it's awful, the whole thing's just stressful. And we stop by to pick up her brother, and he's a drug dealer, we don't know that he's just made a drug deal over the phone, and he's a pharmacy student. And he's like, "listen, this is the best stuff you've ever take" because it's acid mixed with catamine mixed with speed, and he puts them in a valium bottle. We pick him up to go, he's dressed, and my fiancée offers me a valium to take to relax me because I am so upset, and I take valium and for the first ten minutes of the movie I am fairly normal, and then for the rest of the movie I am out of my mind.

BB: This is when they go, "Call Alan Tudyk!"

ALAN: You're absolutely right, we have a crazy person, we need somebody who's really good at losing their mind on film, get me that pirate! You know, you do a film and you have hopes for it, and you read it, and you see it one way in your head, and you shoot it, and it'll always change from what you started out. Sometimes it turns out better, sometimes it turns out; I don't know, but as movies go I've never experienced seeing and likening what I've read, and I liked what I read. I think Frank Oz did a wonderful job with it, I think he did an amazing job editing it, and it stays funny pretty much throughout the whole movie. Peter Dinklage also another New York actor, is in it; we're really the only two Americans in it, the rest are all Brits. But it is wildly funny. It comes out in, and I don't say that about things, but this one's really funny. If you want a good laugh, see Death at a Funeral at the end of June. So the competition is going to be, there's like six movies opening that weekend and this is a little seven million dollar movie up against who knows what, Spiderman 9?

BB: It'll be this year's Little Miss Sunshine.

ALAN: You can only hope that it does something, because that was a fun movie and a little movie. I tend to like farces and if I could do another play, if I could just pick any play, I'd just do a farce, some farce.

BB: On a kind of random topic, you must know a little bit about that sci-fi geekdom appeal is because you also appeared in a show that has this insanely cultish obsession.