Naming of Don't Trailer

Completing the trailer literally right after he wrapped up shooting on "Hot Fuzz", Wright had to shoot, edit, grade, mix, etc. and deliver the trailer all in the space of six days. He managed to rope in some big stars apparently to appear in his trailer, but won't reveal who and is keeping it all a surprise.

His trailer is inspired by "American trailers for European films". Back in the 70's with horror films, and to this day in fact with movies even like "Pan's Labyrinth", the US trailers for these films try to fool the audience into thinking they're watching an American film.

Thus the narrator says everything, there's no dialogue to give away that people aren't speaking English. There's also the tendency to re-title things with more punch and sex appeal so he's squeezed in a reference that the film's original title was "something boring" like 'An Incident at Cobb Hall' which gets re-titled for the market.


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