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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Edgar Wright Says Don't 

Edgar Wright's trailer in Grind House seems to be the least discussed part of the whole package. Clearly too subtle and refined a taste, eh?

Here's all I know - and it isn't enough, so any more, please send it my way:

The film is called Don't. Various captions appear during the trailer to Don't do this, Don't do the other - such as Don't Scream. I'm not 100% sure but I am prepared to bet that Don't Get Me Started and Don't Even Get Me Started are not among them.

Nick Frost and Simon Pegg both appear - but they're just two in a 30 strong cast. As the trailer is only 90 seconds long, that's a lot of faces in not a lot of time so try not to blink. Nobody I have spoken to who has seen Grind House recognised Simon and Nick but, yep, they're both in there.

I put it to Edgar that the trailer was looking a little Pete Walker-like, from the fragment I'd seen, but he told me "
There's not too much Pete Walker in there, a little more Argento and Bava, with a pinch of Legend of Hell House" - which disputes most people's assumption that he's simply done a Hammer pastiche.

Aside from Death Proof, the Don't trailer is the one thing I'm most looking forward to in Grind House - whenever it finally makes it out in the UK.


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