German Group buys DAAF

Tele Munchen ties up AFM deals (including Death at a Funeral)

by Erik Kirschbaum


BERLIN — Tele Munchen Group announced Wednesday it had acquired German language rights to a batch of pics in the works in deals completed since AFM.

The films, which will be distribbed in Germany through Concorde Filmverleih, include "In the Valley of Elah," directed and penned by Paul Haggis, with Tommy Lee Jones searching for his missing son with the help of Charlize Theron as a cop.

Other include "Sleuth," helmed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Michael Caine, who featured in the original in 1973, and Jude Law; "Horsemen," a thriller with Dennis Quaid and Zhang Ziyi; "The Hurt Locker," helmed by Kathryn Bigelow, about a group of soldiers in Baghdad; "Death at a Funeral," by helmer Franz Oz; and "Make it Happen" from dance specialist Bille Wood-ruff.

Rights include DVD, video-on-demand, pay TV and mobile devices.