Matthew Macfadyen hoped to return to Ashes to Ashes

According to the Mirror

Matthew Macfadyen's hopes of appearing in Ashes To Ashes again have turned to dust. The hubby of Keeley Hawes, who plays Alex Drake, guested as oddball charity worker Gill Holis in the first series. He said: "I pleaded for another part. But once you're in it, you can't do it again."
Thanks to fleurdlis for finding the article. 

Little Dorrit films in Chenies Manor

Thanks to fourof5 of the C19 forum, who has scanned and shared this article from Thursday's Bucks Examiner 22 May, 2008.

Matthew Macfadyen was filming Little Dorrit at the haunted Chenies Manor last week.

Little Dorrit: TV Times article

Yesterday I scanned and added an article to the galleries, from this weeks TV Times, about the filming of Little Dorrit. It has a lovely new image of Matthew which I managed to scan in close-up.

East Kent Mercury followup on Little Dorrit Filming

JaneV spotted the followup by the East Kent Mercury Newspaper.  It shows Deal Castle looking very colorful with the actors and set filming Little Dorrit.  You can see the pictures and story here.

IMDb poster comments on Macfadyen's performance in Frost/Nixon

IMDb poster, steveg 1023 had this to say about Matthew Macfadyen's role in Frost/Nixon.

...I also was lucky enough to see a screening and take part in a group Q&A with Ron Howard.

MacFadyen's solid, but he really is a supporting role in a movie that really belongs to Sheen and Langella. HIs character is very Darcy-ish in the sense that you know there's a lot of emotion brimming under the surface, and it only comes out in controlled outbursts. He serves as a nice foil to Sheen's emphasis on charisma and a playboy attitude.

He gets one of the best moments of the movie, though. It's quick, but I don't want to spoil it.

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