The One Show goes behind the scenes of Little Dorrit

Lucy Siegle of The One Show went behind the scenes of the new BBC adaptation of Charles Dickens' Little Dorrit. She found out how the design team recreates the story's settings for TV and has documented this on video. You can view the video if you live in the UK. Watch it here.

Matthew Macfadyen Video Interview

Thanks to Cassangel who found this.  The Mirror has 3 video interviews for Little Dorrit, including Matthew Macfadyen and Claire Foy.

You can see Matthew's interview here. Browse through the selection on the left to view the other two interviews.

Episode 3 Preview of Little Dorrit

The BBC has put up a preview clip of Episode 3 of Little Dorrit on You Tube.  It features Amy and Maggie trying to find a place to spend the night, as they've been locked out of the Marshalsea.  Episode 3 will be shown on Wednesday night at 8:00 pm on BBC 1

You can see the clip on you tube if you live in the UK.





More about Matthew on Simon Mayo

Matthew Macfadyen appeared on Simon Mayo today and had several interesting comments to make. From listener Cassangel, Matthew made the following comments:

  • JaneV had the opportunity to ask Matthew some questions.  Matthew mentioned Darcylicious and said we weren't stalkers (thank you!Cool) .  He will be present for the New York Premiere of Frost/Nixon and mentions the "ass shot" of Matthew running into the ocean nude!
  • He was asked about being the next Dr Who or returning to Spooks but side-stepped the question
  • He doesn't have much time to watch television
More about Matthew on Simon Mayo

Matthew Macfadyen on BBC Radio Simon Mayo

Matthew Macfadyen appears on BBC Radio 5 Live today on Simon Mayo.

1400: Actor Matthew McFadyen joins Simon to talk about starring in the new series of Dickens adaptation Little Dorrit.

Thank you Lorna for finding this information! 

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