Enid Blyton's Great Adventure

According the Matthew's agent's website, Hamilton Hodell, the Enid Blyton drama is now named "Enid Blyton's Great Adventure".

Thanks to Matthieu for the find!

Official Photos of Matthew at the Masterclass

The photographer for the Masterclass, Stuart Allen, has uploaded photos from Matthew's Masterclass.

Please do not take the photographs as they are copyrighted to the Masterclass and Stuart Allen! Stuart was kind enough to get them up quickly for us.  Thanks Stu!

You can view the photos HERE.

Matthew marathon photographs on Flickr

Thanks to nagojin in the forum for finding these images on Flickr, uploaded by Leukaemia Research, of a very happy Matthew finishing the marathon on Sunday.
Matthew marathon photographs on Flickr

Matthew Macfadyen finishes London Marathon

Matthew has finished the Flora London Marathon at 4:54:44  You can view how he did throughout the 26 mile run here.

Congratulations from all of us at Darcylicious!

Matthew's picture for London Marathon

Thanks to the detective work of mafoti, who found the official list of celebrities who are running for the Flora London Marathon.  You can view the list here and make sure to turn to page 23.

The page does state that Matthew's "best time" is 03:45:00, so it does appear he has run the marathon in the past.

Matthew's picture for London Marathon
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