Frost/Nixon receives multiple Golden Globe Nominations

Frost/Nixon has received multiple nominations for Golden Globes.  Congratulations!

  • Best Motion Picture
  • Best Performance by and Actor - Frank Langella
  • Best Director - Ron Howard
  • Best Screenplay - Peter Morgan
  • Best Original Score - Hans Zimmer

You can see all the categories here.

Image Entertainment and Incendiary

Image Entertainment, a Chatsworth, Calif.-based distributor, has acquired the distribution rights to Incendiary in the US and plans to release it in 2009.

Read more, here

Matthew Interview on Showcase Minnesota

Lizziej found another interview with the "terrible trio" this time "seemingly" well behaved.  Good editing or good behavior?  You be the judge.

You can view the interview here. Matthew appears about half way through.

Scaling Back Christmas (Dec 2008)

Today's Sunday Mirror Celeb Magazine has an interview with Matthew Macfadyen and the choice he and Keeley Hawes made to stop buying Christmas presents for their children this year.

Matthew "...say they spent too much on gifts for their kids last year, so will be forgoing them altogether this time around."  Home made gifts will be allowed.

"We want the kids to be appreciative of what they're getting, especially as so many children get nothing."

You can read the scanned article in the gallery as it doesn't appear to be online yet.  Thanks flip

The Daily Record Says Don't Miss the last episodes of Little Dorrit

The Daily Record has a very spoilery article on the final two episodes of Little Dorrit. You can read it here. (thanks Steph!)

It had this to say about Matthew Macfadyen:

"... and Matthew Macfadyen as Arthur Clennam, the rock around which all previous storms have dashed themselves.

Macfadyen's role could easily have been a bore but he somehow managed to convey Arthur's saintly, solid reliability without ever making it tedious.

That solidity is shaken in the final episode..."


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