The Sheriff of Nottingham's men

The Daily Mail has some images of the filming of Robin Hood including Nottingham's men ravaging a village.

You can see the article HERE.

The big question is if Matthew has climbed on to another horse?  (thanks to 6point7 for the article)

Enid Blyton Drama to be shown this Autumn

According to various sources, Enid Blyton will be shown on BBC 4 this Autumn as part of three major one-off films about the artistic careers of British female icons.

Matthew Macfadyen nominated for Best Actor

Matthew Macfadyen has been nominated for Best Actor for his role as Arthur Clennam in Dickens' Little Dorrit by the TV Choice and TV Quick Awards.  Also, Little Dorrit has been nominated for Best New Drama.

Currently voting is still open.  Vote HERE.

Macfadyen and Platt talk Frost/Nixon has an exclusive interview with Matthew Macfadyen and Oliver Platt, ahead of the UK release of Frost/Nixon on Blu-ray and DVD on May 18, 2009.  An excerpt:

Did he actually peel off and run naked into the sea too?

MATTHEW MACFADYEN: He might have done. It would have been something that he could have done. I asked him about that. He was sort of hazy but he said it was something he could imagine himself having done. It was a wild, spur of the moment kind of thing. But actually he would have had to get into the car and drive down to the beach and then dramatically, spontaneously run into the sea.

OLIVER PLATT: In real life it was Zelnick who did it but he has a much nicer bottom.

Thanks to SallyG for letting us know.

What upcoming role are you most excited about?

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