Frost/Nixon premier: video interview

Thanks to Lizzie J for spotting this video from last night's premier where Matthew is interviewed.

Little Dorrit: BBC Press dates

BBC Press Office confirm that Little Dorrit's first two episodes will be broadcast on Sunday 26 & Thursday 30 October. Thanks to Luce for spotting it.

Frost/Nixon premier: video footage

Several forum members were at the premier last night and have shared their experiences in the forum including Matthew interview details

Thanks to Lizzie on the forum for spotting this video on You Tube showing the arrivals at last night's premier. Keeley's gorgeous dress can be seen to full effect. Matthew can be seen near the end.



Frost/Nixon premier : images

This evening's premier of Frost / Nixon at the London Film Festival has been covered by the photosites. Lovely images of Matthew & Keeley can be seen on Wire Image and Getty Images.

Matthieu found this review of the film. 

Incendiary: official trailer

Thanks to Matthieu and Amelie who posted links to the official film trailer! It can be found here on
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