Entertainment Weekly talks Frost/Nixon

This weeks Entertainment Weekly has an article about Frost/Nixon.  No mention of Matthew in it, though.

Thanks, Mayamia!

Optimum Releasing Announces October 24 UK Theatrical Debut

Optimum Releasing, the UK distributor for Incendiary has now announced on it's website the 24 October cinematic release.

The artwork is still currently pending. 

Clips from Dangerous Jobs For Girls

Channel 4 has several clips with some narration from Matthew on their website. Watch and listen to the clips here.

Edit: it seems this is a weekly series.  Matthew Macfadyen has narrated episode one from last week and episode two this week.  Another episode takes place in Australia, next week. 

Dangerous Jobs for Girls

Cassangel just heard Matthew Macfadyen's voice narrating a programme called "Dangerous Jobs for Girls" on C4+1 at 10 - 11 pm.  Its about 3 English girls who are giving up their usual lives and jobs to go logging in British Columbia.

Cassangel's other half thinks he may have heard Matthew in a new car commercial as well.

Thank you Cassangel! 


Incendiary in the Netherlands

The official Incendiary website lists it opens in Bioscoop in the Netherlands on 15 January, 2009.

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