Little Dorrit to premiere in November?

According to the message board at IMDb, Little Dorrit will begin showing on BBC1 the first week of November, claiming this came from the BBC Press office.

Of course, IMDB message boards have been an unreliable source of information in the past, so take this information cautiously. 

Radio Times looks forward to Little Dorrit

This weeks' Radio Times has a brief article about Little Dorrit, complete with picture of Matthew Macfadyen as Arthur Clennam.

Andrew Davies comments: "On one level," says Davies, "it's a love story where the lovers take an awful long time to realise they're in love. On another, it's a complicated mystery concerning guilty secrets. And on yet another, it's a comedy, full of the most wonderful, colourful characters."

Thanks JaneV and Lorna!

Frost/Nixon to open expanded release in US in December

Matthieu found an article from Variety listing the following dates for the release of Frost/Nixon in the US:

Limited release scheduled in USA December 5, 2008.
Expanded release in USA December 12, 2008.

Entertainment Weekly talks Frost/Nixon

This weeks Entertainment Weekly has an article about Frost/Nixon.  No mention of Matthew in it, though.

Thanks, Mayamia!

Optimum Releasing Announces October 24 UK Theatrical Debut

Optimum Releasing, the UK distributor for Incendiary has now announced on it's website the 24 October cinematic release.

The artwork is still currently pending. 

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