Two Episode 4 previews of Little Dorrit

The BBC has posted two previews of Episode 4 of Little Dorrit on You Tube. The first features Matthew Macfadyen as Arthur Clennam in a preview titled "Doyce and Clennam"


The second preview doesn't feature Matthew (although he is shown in this clip, too) and is titled "Running Scared"


Unfortunately, only people from the UK can view these clips.

French Press Pack for Frost/Nixon

The French Press Pack has been released by the distributor of Frost/Nixon. You can view the pack here.

Thanks to Matthieu for the find!

Also, the Frost/Nixon website has been updated.

A UK website is also functioning 

French Press Pack for Frost/Nixon

Incendiary Premiere Footage

Matthieu found a trailer that has video from the premiere mixed in with it.  You can view Matthew Macfadyen being interviewed among the trailer.

The video can be found here

Clips of Matthew on Simon Mayo

Naturally, we've been excited to hear Matthew talk about our website on the Simon Mayo radio show. JaneV had the opportunity to email the show twice and get her comments or questions in. The two clips are her emails.

Sorry, flash is not available.

JaneV's first email in which Darcylicious is mentioned

Sorry, flash is not available.

Jane asks Matthew if he will attend the NY premiere of Frost/Nixon

The One Show goes behind the scenes of Little Dorrit

Lucy Siegle of The One Show went behind the scenes of the new BBC adaptation of Charles Dickens' Little Dorrit. She found out how the design team recreates the story's settings for TV and has documented this on video. You can view the video if you live in the UK. Watch it here.
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