Episode 1 preview of Little Dorrit

Thanks to forum members for noting that the BBC has put up a preview of episode 1 of Little Dorrit. You can see it at the BBC website if you live in the UK.

Little Dorrit available for purchase at Amazon UK in January

Little Dorrit will be available on DVD in the United Kingdom on 26 January, 2009.

You can purchase it at Amazon UK or BBC Shop 

Meet the Characters of Little Dorrit

Popsugar has been mentioning Matthew quite a lot lately.  You can see a slide show of the characters in Little Dorrit here.  It includes photos and a bit about the characters and actors who play them.

Also, after Lost in Austen, Popsugar put up a poll about your favorite Mr. Darcy.  You can choose your favorite here

The Guardian: Matthew interview (Oct 2008)

Thanks to Lorna for pointing out this interview with Matthew in today's Guardian.

'Acting? It's cobblers'

By Patrick Barkham Saturday 25 October 2008  Guardian

From falling in love with his Spooks co-star, to collapsing in giggles on the set of his new film, Matthew Macfadyen is a man who goes with his instinct. On the eve of the BBC's latest Dickens drama, he talks to Patrick Barkham.

Credit was already crunching when the cast pulled on their smocks and waistcoats to film Charles Dickens' Little Dorrit but the BBC's drama department cannot possibly have imagined how perfectly this tale of fraudulent financiers and tragic bankrupts would chime with the new hard times. And just as Dickens' honest but burdened hero, Arthur Clennam, is naively oblivious to the economic shenanigans unfolding around him, so too is the man who plays him.

Matthew interview: Hello magazine (Oct 2008)

Thanks to JaneV from the forum for scanning the interview and photos of Matthew from this week's Hello magazine. It can be read in the galleries.

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