More about the London Marathon

Thanks to the wonderful detective work of forum member, Amelie, who has found three new images of Matthew Macfadyen running in the Flora London Marathon 2009.

One of the images you can see on this page, but you can see the other two here and here.  

Finally, TV Times, which has been a strong charitable donor for the London Marathon, happened to mention the following blurb

"The TV Times has been supporting the charity for more than 27 years, but former advertising director Ken Lomas MBE stepped-up the magazine's involvement after his daughter died of leukaemia in 1986.

Since then the magazine has raised a large amount of cash for the charity, including by persuading star the star of TV's Spooks, Matthew Macfadyen, to run the London marathon."

More about the London Marathon

A Pocket Full of Rye shows in Australia on Sunday June 21st

According to the Brisbane Times, Marple: A Pocket Full of Rye will be shown this Sunday in Australia.

"Agatha Christie's Miss Marple ABC1, 8.30pm

This first of four new adaptations of Agatha Christie's novels (in this case A Pocket Full Of Rye ) features Julia McKenzie as the cardigan-clad super sleuth.

She makes a fine fist of it, waddling into the murderous croquet lawns and treacherous vicars' gardens of rural England with aplomb. Tonight she investigates the deaths of business tycoon Rex Fortescue, his wife, Adele, and their housemaid, Gladys. You know you're in Marple territory when the first murder weapon is a cup of tea.

Fine escapist stuff, with a great cast. Sit back and enjoy with a cup of ... maybe not."

BBC Video show rain delays Robin Hood filming

Thanks to forum member, amelie, who found this video from the BBC showing the current delay in filming Robin Hood because of rain.

You can view the video here.

Set picture from Pillars of the Earth

Ken Follet's website has updated and has a picture of the set being built on location in Osca, Hungary.

You can view the image HERE.

Masterclass photos

The Masterclass at Theatre Royal Haymarket has updated their photo section to include photos of Matthew Macfadyen.

You can view them HERE.

(thanks to JaneV!)

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