Howards End: Reviews from Episode 2

Here's a roundup of some of the reviews from the second episode of Howards End

Radio Times:

Matthew Macfadyen is emerging as the real star of this excellent drama which continues to deftly expose the cruelty behind the respectable facade of Edwardian England, says Ben Dowell


Howards End: Episode 1 Reviews

Radio Times

Wow, that was a satisfying, sumptuous piece of television. E.M Forster’s brilliant Edwardian novel was brought to vivid life on Sunday night in another BBC period drama success story that was a feast for the eyes and the mind.

Howards End: BBC Trailer

The four part series begins on BBC One at 9 pm on Sunday 12 November, 2017.

Visit the BBC website for more information and clips.

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Howards End:Matthew Macfadyen reveals why he almost turned down Howards End (Radio Times)

Matthew Macfadyen spoke with Radio Times about a variety of topics including his fear of being typecast.

We are in a hotel bar in New York, where he is based while filming Succession, an HBO comedy drama written by Jesse Armstrong about a media dynasty in which he plays an “idiot” son-in-law to Brian Cox’s patriarch. After the stringencies of Edwardian England, he says he’s finding Succession “delicious”. 


Howards End: Matthew Macfadyen, star of Ripper Street, Pride And Prejudice and Spooks, on his new role as Henry Wilcox in BBC drama Howards End (Sunday Herald)

Matthew Macfadyen was interviewed by the Sunday Herald while filming in New York City for the upcoming HBO series "Succession".  He talked about his role in "Succession" and "Howards End" which begins airing tonight on BBC One.

About his character in "Succession"

“I’m playing a d***head.” He reconsiders this. “Maybe that’s unfair, but it’s American and it’s modern-day and it’s a million miles away …”

“He’s a bit of an … arse.”

About signing up for "Howards End"

“The script was such a beautiful thing to read. It was unsentimentally adapted if that makes sense. So it was a no-brainer.”

About home life with several children and a busy actress spouse:

“I walk around the house saying, ‘Toilet and teeth, toilet and teeth, guys.’ I stand there and think: ‘I used to be cool but now I’ve just turned into a weirdo walking around with a sock and a wipe in my hand.’

Be sure to read the full interview on the Sunday Herald

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