More about Matthew Macfadyen's Guest Role in Ashes to Ashes

Thank you to 6point7 for sharing this information!

The following was hilariously posted in the Mirror

Wonder if Keeley Hawes had anything to do with hubby Matthew MacFadyen's guest role in Ashes To Ashes? In one episode he plays a dim bloke with a mullet who's seen sitting in a bath full of beans. Matt explains: "He's hapless but he tries to raise money for charity."

He still gets a kicking from Gene Hunt though.

I'm happy to see Matthew Macfadyen and Keeley Hawes working together again since Spooks/MI-5 and Death at a Funeral. I hope to see them work together in many future projects, small or large. I love that Matthew can play a leading man as well as not be afraid to laugh at himself.