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Capitol Films Releases 3 images of Matthew Macfadyen

Capitol Films has released images of Matthew Macfadyen in Incendiary. You can see the images in the gallery. Capitol Films Releases 3 images of Matthew Macfadyen

First Official Incendiary Image

Capitol Films has published the first official image from Incendiary.  It doesn't have Matthew Macfadyen in it, but we are hoping more images will be posted soon.

Thank you to Matthieu for finding it! 

First Official Incendiary Image

Incendiary Poster!

Thanks to 6point7 for bringing the early poster to our attention as well as members of IMDb! Unfortunately, Matthew's name is mispelled, but there is plenty of time to fix this. It was found at Leyton Orient site, where requests for extras are also made.


Incendiary Poster!

More Incendiary Pictures from Tuesday

Bksreader has discovered some lovely images from today's filming of Incendiary. Be careful looking through them if you don't want to be spoiled. It includes images of Michelle, Ewan and other cast members. No Matthew, though.


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Michelle Williams pictures from Incendiary

Yep, no Matthew, sadly.  But here are some more images of Michelle Williams close up.

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