The Blair Years

The Blair Years is a three part documentary which appeared on BBC 1 in the UK in November/December 2007. The series provides a unique account of Tony Blair s 10 years as prime minister. Matthew Macfadyen provides the narration

Episode 1: Blair and Brown

Former Cabinet ministers and advisors speak frankly about the long-running tensions between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. The programme tells the story of how the tensions surfaced again and again over Blair's attempts to reform the public health and education services. Former colleagues confirm that at the heart of the difficulties between Blair and Brown were real ideological differences, and tell how every department of government received different instructions from No.10 and from the Treasury.

Episode 2: Blair at War

Tony Blair and George W. Bush, the two leaders who took their nations to war in Iraq, talk openly about the decision to topple Saddam Hussein. Blair talks of his failure to keep the international coalition together over Iraq, and admits he fears the war in Iraq is a 'visceral struggle' the West may not have the stomach to win.

Episode 3: