A person's impressions of Frost/Nixon From a screening

This isn't new as it was posted back in December, but I think you should look at some of the responses in Claire's Blog.

Claire was fortunate to see a Frost/Nixon preview which is interesting. She was also asked about her thoughts on Matthew Macfadyen. Here's what she had to say:

I really enjoyed Matthew Macfadyen's performance. In fact, as I was watching it I wished he was in more scenes. He's so dry; to me he added a good deal of humor to the movie. His appearance is quite different from anything I've seen him in before (Death at a Funeral, Pride and Prejudice). I'm not sure which scene you're referring to, so if you give me more details I can comment on it. Overall I loved him, I just wished he had been given more to do.

Oh, wait, I just had a thought about what scene you might be talking about! Are you referring to his nude scene?? It's a shot of him running into the ocean naked. It's shot from behind, so you can see the entire rear of his body. Unfortunately it only lasts a few seconds. You see him run into the ocean, fall in the waves, and that's it. There is enough time, however, to catch a good glimpse of his rear end (which is very, very pale)!