Matthew takes a swim

smallcircusmidget, of IMDb, who claims to have already seen a screening of Frost/Nixon, had the following to say about it

Thought it was going to be a typical mass-audience screening, but showed up and it was just 1 screen and ol' Ron sittin in back. I was also one of the 20 selected to be in a discussion group after the screening which Ron sat in on as well. For the most part we all really liked it with few exceptions or reservations. The performances were exceptional and just may have an oscar or two possible.

When asked about Matthew Macfadyen's performance:

He hit his marks, though i don't think he had enough screen time to say whether his performance stood above any of the other characters. His performance was well balanced and effective but will likely not be of note considering the lead roles which were very well performed, i would suppose Frank Langella will get a nomination for his.

When asked about Matthew's "nude running to the ocean scene" by truenewyorker, this was said:

And yes he did his victory swim