Frank Langella Provides 'Frost/Nixon' Film Details

Thanks to Matthieu from the forum who found this recent interview with Frank Langella.  

We should probably hear more by the time Langella does the rounds for Ron Howard's version of Peter Morgan's stage play Frost/Nixon, but Langella was coerced into telling us a few tidbits about what we might expect from the transition to the screen. "Ron Howard was very respectful, very," he said. "He was actually adamant that the script be preserved almost to the word, and it was, and maybe in addition of maybe ten or twelve minutes of outside stories about Nixon and Frost, but what happens in their private lives. Patty's a character and I play the piano in it, and you'll see me getting into the helicopter, and you see me walking through Yorba Linda and Casa Pacifica. What he did was he mixed in some of Nixon's private life and some of Frost's, so that when the combatants come together, we know more about them." But that was all Mr. Langella was going to say about the anticipated film at this time.