Andy Nyman Interview

Andy Nyman (a co-star in Death at a Funeral) was recently interviewed by What's on Stage. This is a small excerpt:

Favourite productions you’ve ever worked on
A movie I’m in called Death at a Funeral opens here on 2 November. It’s already open in America and Frank Oz directed it. Working with Frank Oz was amazing. People who are truly legends - it’s great just getting to meet them, let alone become a friend and a colleague and someone you work with and collaborate with. I’m never ever blasé about any of that stuff. How lucky I am to do that.

Favourite co-stars
I absolutely loved working with Matthew Macfadyen on my last movie. I just loved him so much. I did a film called Shut Up and Shoot Me. It did very well at the festivals and I won my first acting award for that. The guy who starred opposite me in that was called Karel Roden. He’s kind of like De Niro in the Czech Republic – he’s a huge, huge star there – he was also just phenomenal to work with.

Favourite directors
Frank Oz on Death at a Funeral. Sean Holmes, on this, has been a remarkable director. So good he makes it look easy – just effortless. Nothing’s too much trouble, everything’s good natured, it’s good fun and somehow he comes up with endless good ideas.