Ron Howard pushes for filming but will probably delay post production.

According to the LA Times, there is a possible labor dispute with actors

...industrywide scramble to assemble films that can be completed before a potential talent strike shuts down film production next summer, according to interviews with two dozen studio executives, agents, producers and screenwriters. Studio executives and producers are accelerating screenplay revisions and A-list directors are postponing editing so they can compile footage on back-to-back movies should actors swap punch lines for picket lines.

The studios' contracts with the Screen Actors Guild and Directors Guild of America expire June 30. Their deal with the Writers Guild of America runs out this October, but the WGA is expected to work without a new pact temporarily, hoping the delay will give it more clout as the DGA and SAG contracts also expire. While the guilds have separate demands, they are united in their quest for revenues from new media such as video on demand, Web downloads and cellphone content.

To beat the strike deadlines, the studios must start filming by March 1.

Several directors are front-loading principal photography on a pair of films and pushing off postproduction (which can be done without actors and writers) on both until after the possible strike deadline. Ron Howard is going directly from shooting "Frost/Nixon" to "Angels & Demons," the "Da Vinci Code" prequel.

Hopefully, we will see Frost/Nixon in 2008.