My meetings with Matthew

I was lucky enough to be able to travel from the United States to London to see The Pain and the Itch twice, as well as meet Matthew Macfadyen.  The more detailed accounts are in the forum.  I do think much of what I have to say has already been said by those who met him earlier, though.

I first saw the play on Wednesday, July 4, 2007.  I loved the play.  I thought that Bruce Norris did a wonderful satire and the play was supremely acted.  Matthew was brilliant as was the rest of the cast.  I met Matthew afterwards and obtained a photograph and autograph.  He said he had heard of Darcylicious.

Later that evening, Keeley Hawes, his wife, joined with him.  I was able to meet both Matthew and Keeley and chatted with them for a bit.  Keeley had heard of our websites, which was a tremendous pleasure to hear.  Both are incredibly kind and generous.  It was an experience I'll treasure.

I had the opportunity to meet Matthew again on July 7, 2007.  The pictures and a more detailed account can be found in the forum and gallery.