bksreader relates her day at the Q&A and Theater

bksreader and Topcat attended tonight's The Pain and The Itch and the following Q & A.  They happily got to meet another member of Darcylicious at the play, unexpectedly.  The full account is in the forum, however, here are a few excerpts from bksreader:

The Royal Court is a wonderful theatre. It is so intimate that you are very close to the stage. We were in row G and we were almost center of the stage. I could see all the expressions on his face, every bite of his lip, and every lift of his eyebrow. There were times where I was literally shaking in my seat. He looked so amazing. It was obvious to both of us that he has lost weight. There were several times throughout the play where he had to hitch up his pants because they were loose on him. Not only did he look gorgeous, but he was also wonderful in the play. He really had his character down. I've said it before, but what amazes me the most about his acting is how he can cover a range of emotions in such a short span of time. He was incredible. He did have an American accent and I thought he did a great job with it. There were a few other Americans in the audience, who also said he did good with the accent. ...

It was obvious that many of the audience members were fans of his and were there to see him. The main questions had to do with his accent and also how he felt about his character. It was funny when he was talking about doing the accent, he said the american accent was very hard to do at first and that he had to learn to take ownership of it and just do it but now that he has he liked it. He even started to talk with the accent while answering the question and the audience laughed.