Matthew Macfadyen Attends the Q & A for The Pain and The Itch

Thank you to 6point7 and MM Online for this information. The full account can be read on MMOnline.

This is what 6point7 reports about Matthew Macfadyen:

Soon, they were joined by the cast. Matthew was in his pink hoodie and jeans and drank white wine. He was wearing his glasses and seemed relaxed with his co-stars.

The MC asked Matthew how he felt about his character and after a nano-second of panic he managed to summon up a somewhat stock answer about how you always end up enjoying your character when it's so well written. He explained this with his hands too as you can imagine. When he talks about the writing he always seems to demostrate that by appearing to hold an imaginary boulder in his hands......or should I say foundation stone?

The Philly lady asked him about getting a handle on the accent and he said it scared him to start with, then he had a great coach and it became his friend. He lapsed back into it and made a joke about it.