Topcat describes meeting Matthew Macfadyen

Topcat, along with JaneV and Doris-Anglophil had the opportunity to get together today to see The Pain and The Itch as well as try to meet Matthew Macfadyen. The day was a success with these online friends meeting for the first time, getting pictures and autographs of Matthew and seeing the play evolve over time.

Here are some Matthew-centric comments from Topcat. The full account of Jane and Topcat can be read in the forum:

Before Matthew appeared all the actors walked into the theatre. Peter Sullivan is gorgeous and a very sexy man indeedy.

We also saw and heard Richard Wilson come out of the stage door and into his car (Victor Meldew)

Matthew was very late coming in today, maybe cause of Tube problems but he drove up instead. Jane and Doris were fixated to the right of the threatre to see if he came by taxi. My eyes were glued to the left hand side in case he drove up.

3PM, just half an hour before the start of the performance I saw this vision appear coming down the road from quite a distance.

He wore paler jeans, fabulous muted pink sweatshirt (hoodie ha!) and of course the infamous man-purse.... AND HE WORE HIS GLASSES! .....


His face did not look chubby any more, he was untanned, with reddish 'shaving' marks on his chin and neck. His hair was freshly washed and blowing gently back against the wind.

He looked YOUNG/BOYISH/FRESH FACED and decidedly like a university student. A little bit Perfect Strangers'ish but with longer hair.

I asked him about the reviews and what he thought, and he said "yeah they were very encouraging". I was last to get his autograph. I had brought along my blank DVD cover I have for Secret Life, and he titled it and signed it for me

... All I will say about the play is that 'Clay' has calmed down a lot since the early reviews of him being 'over the top'. He is a much more realistic all round character and I think much improved...