Supasal comments on Death at a Funeral at the Sydney Film Festival

Darcylicious forum member, Supasal, returned from the Sydney Film Festival, having just seen Death at a Funeral. Here's what she had to say:

Ok, I am back and I have seen it. Matthew on the big screen, up close and personal!! be still my beating heart!! I personally didn't notice if he looked a little cuddlier or not, he just looked gorgeous. LOTS of eyebrow sex and LOTS of eyelash fluttering.... and LOTS of gorgeous close ups of his face.

Some of the clips in the trailer are a little misleading, as they give the impression that things happen in a certain order, when they do not, but I digress. This movie is absolutely the funniest movie I have seen in years. It is absolutely hilarious, side splitting, rolling on the floor funny. I laughed so hard that I had tears running down my face and my stomach hurt and I am sure I missed some parts because I couldn't see the screen through my tears of laughter. This movie needs definitely to be seen more than once. Everyone in the theatre ( and the theatre was packed) was laughing almost throughout the whole movie, except for a very moving scene right at the end when you could have heard a pin drop ( a scene in which Matthew was THE central character ).

Matthew was fantastic, he was so Daniel and he and Keeley are brilliant together. Alan Tudyk was great too, he was very convincing as someone on hallucinogenic drugs and absolutely hilarious. Cousin Howard is fantastic too, he stole the screen everytime he was on, he definitely deserves bigger billing. Of course I never noticed him when Matthew was onscreen.

The whole theatre erupted into applause as the movie ended and erupted again after the first half of the credits. ( do not leave until the credits are finished). It is such a good movie it deserves top billing in every cinema and if the film distributors had any sense they would have it on the Big Screen ASAP. It is a sure-fire box office hit if given enough exposure. I really do not know what Kimmel are thinking over there in the US.

We had to vote for the movie on the way out, can't remember what awards, but something to do with world wide movie festival awards I think, so I said it was fantastic, so hopefully it will win something!

I really, really hope you can all get to see it!! it is one of the best movies I have seen in years!!!

Thank you Supasal!