Topcat's review of "The Pain and The Itch"

Darcylicious forum member, Topcat, was lucky enough to see Matthew Macfadyen on opening night of The Pain And The Itch. She has given us a detailed account. I am including only some of the account here! To read the full post you must be a member of the forum. Yes, Matthew speaks with an American accent!!

The theatre is so much more intimate than I have ever been to... I was in row C on an end seat...In the first half especially he came right over on the edge of the stage my end...just 4 foot away....

Afraid security was tight so I didn't risk taking any photos until the bows...only one really came out...I must warn you.... if you thought the navy button-up cardigan was bad, wait till you see the chocolate brown zipper



Despite the clothes, he looked absolutely stunning. Lot's of the thing he does with his mouth and lots of eyebrow sex! One scene in particular was hysterical. He shouted at his mum three times to stop raising her eyebrows, while his were going up and down more than hers...! His hair was a mix between Charlie when he was being interviewed by his therapist and goes over to the window, saying no-one woulde have sex with him,remember? And photos of himself in promos etc.

His American accent was spot on, the dialect coach having done a wonderful job. It still throbbed, never losing it's gritty, deep, resonant sound. Very sexy indeed


The staging was effective, simple and non cluttered. The first part was centered around pre-dinner Thanks Giving. The scene thus was set for a dysfunctoional family. All parts were well played, especially Clays brother, who was the serious, less wealthy plastic surgeon with a dizzy, dumb, young girlfriend. The first part was hysterical all the way through, with Matthew virtually on stage the whole time, running back and forth, and throwing a few strops where he literally jumps up and down in frustration ....

For the first half you never would have know that it was opening night as the actors were pitch perfect and the comic timing by all, especially Matthew, was impeccable. The second half, which was theatrically more complicated than the first, with overlapping scenarios, I believe will improve over the next few nights.

This play cements Matthew as an actor who moves with ease from comedy to the dramatic who can also play the romantic lead. There were people aged from 16-70 who all seemed to enjoy the play and laughed out loud, and two rounds of thunderous aplause finished off the evening.

The second half was darker than the first, but I shan't spoil it for you. I didn't take too much in of the play (as predicted!) as my eyes were following Matthew all over the stage to the exclusion of all the others.


Thank you Topcat!!

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