More Early Showings of Death at a Funeral and Reviews

Thanks to 6point7! Chud has listed showing in Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Raleigh.

Also, Hollywood Reporter has done a review of Death at a Funeral

While there is no standout performance -- meaning that everyone has splendidly performed his character's faults to the comic hilt -- one most enjoys Macfadyen for bringing subtle drama and melancholy to the comic center of the tale

And Aint it Cool News

I recommend this movie if you enjoy dark comedies. It is very funny and I look forward to Frank Oz making more of these types of movies.

The entire cast is worthy of praise but the standouts include Tudyk and Macfadyen....Meanwhile, the puffy, doe-eyed Macfadyen is so effortlessly nebbish you'd never expect he could have the smoldering mystique to play Mark Darcy, let alone a secret service agent in MI-5.

(I think he means Fitzwilliam Darcy)MM corner