Promo Reel of Incendiary to be shown in Cannes

Incendiary by Sharon Maguire (director of Bridget Jones’s Diary) and Andy Paterson (producer of Girl with a Pearl Earring) will be available as a promo reel. The film currently shooting stars Michelle Williams and Ewan McGregor and has been picked up for the UK by Optimum Releasing.

According to a this news article, a promo reel has been made of Incendiary and it will be shown in Cannes.

Edit also found the following:

*Promo reel premiere*
INCENDIARY, the political thriller from Sharon Maguire, the director of Bridget Jones Diary, is currently filming in London and for Cannes we will have a promo that really demonstrates the tension and emotional core that is central to the film, along with the excellent performances from Ewan McGregor and Michelle Williams.