Secret Life Ratings

Thanks to a friend of 6point7's, we have this from bit Broadcast

C4 reveals its Secret Life to 1.1m
by Jon Rogers
Channel 4's thought-provoking feature-length drama
Secret Life attracted an average audience of 1.1
million viewers (5.3%) at 9pm last night.

The 90-minute film, starring Matthew Macfadyen as a
paedophile, gained an audience high of 1.3 million
(5.3%) at the start.

Because of its subject matter it was unlikely to have
been a huge ratings hit but it did attract a strong
up-market audience with 49% of its viewers coming from
the ABC1 demographic.

The audience for the drama was below the slot average
for the year so far of 2.3 million (10%).

Possibly due to the fine weather audiences were,
generally, down across the board.

And this excerpt from The Guardian

Strong Interest in Secret Life
Channel 4 reveals Secret Life
Tara Conlan
Friday April 20, 2007

Channel 4's powerful paedophile drama Secret Life drew
an audience of 1.1 million viewers last night.
It was a laudable score, considering the Matthew
Macfadyen 90-minute exploration into why paedophiles
reoffend was in a tough 9pm slot. 

We assume the worldwide online audience was not included!