BBC SPOOKS Matthew Macfadyen Interview (2003)

BBC SPOOKS Interview


"The producers rang me, and told me we got 8 million viewers and 41% of the share, and I pretended to know what 41% of the share meant. But it did do really well, and we were all pleased, really pleased."

"The scripts are really good and they're exciting and they crack along quickly. It's glamorised and everyone likes spies, and it's three young people saving the world every week. It's topical with what's going on, I guess that's what really drew people in. And there's nothing been on like it before, it's not a cop show, there hasn't' been this kind of show on before I don't think. I guess that's why people liked it so much."

"I'd characterise Tom as a kind of job man. He's very into his job, sometimes at the expense of other things. In this series, after what happened in episode 6 you see a side to Tom that's darker, colder and harder, because of what's happened."

"It's just a great part to play I love working with everybody. We all get on very well. We laugh our heads off. There's a lot of silliness. It's a nice crew as well, A lot of the same crew from last year. The writing's good. Everyone's waiting for the next episode, you get it and it's like Christmas. You're thinking, 'What do I do? What do I do in this one?' I haven't had that before."