Macfadyen shows off his Mr. Darcy side

Evening Standard (London), Jun 23, 2005

EMILY BARCLAY obviously hasn't recovered from the buzz of acting with Matthew McFadyen, her co-star in the thriller In My Father's Den which premiered at the UGC Cimena in Piccadilly."He was amazing to work with," gushed the teenaged Kiwi (pictured with McFadyen). "But to be honest I hid in a corner most of the time. I was awestruck." Another guest last night was Colin Firth. Sadly he wouldn't compare his performance as Mr Darcy in a BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice with McFadyen's, who plays the same role in a soon to be released film of the Jane Austen classic. "I'm just here with my wife to see the film," was all Firth said. "I think Matthew's a great actor."

However, McFadyen did reveal: "I can confirm that there is no wet shirt episode in the upcoming version. My pecs and I will not be seen emerging in a sultry fashion from a lake."