We can't get enough Atho-licious Reviews (Three Musketeers)

More Darcylicians travelled to meet each other in German theatres to watch The Three Musketeers.  You can read there fuller reviews in the forum, meanwhile, the following are some of their comments:


[About Matthew Macfadyen] He was so lovable and so dashing. His several big smiles just lit up the screen. And his slo-mo fight was the absolute highlight. It's fun to see him step out of his very character-driven working pattern and have fun with a character as dashing as Athos.

And I just adored it! Based on the so-so reviews I didn't know what to expect but it was such a fun ride. The cast was incredible, the locations beautiful and the action sequences were very well-done. It also had several laugh-out-loud moments.


First of all Matthew, he shone, aroused, surprised and bewildered, in other words was wonderful!! I say surprised because the beginning of the movie was unexpected, but all becomes clear along the way.

Highlights [of Matthew Macfadyen]: his slo-mo [swordfight] such a delight to see him in action, then of course his smiles, awwwww!!  Had a giggle with his performance of being drunk and somewhere he says "being the town drunk", hilarious!!  Come to think of it there are so many highlights you'll just have to see for yourselves, otherwise will give too much away!!

I do want to say something about the king [played by Freddie Fox], he played his part very well. He was able to portray his youthly incompetance to rule, his lonelyness and uncertainties!!

Then there's Planchet [James Corden], poor soul!! Not a big part, but played very well, Just seeing his face and outfit makes you laugh!

Then finally, lots of humor making this so pleasurable!! My advice, go see it and recommand it to all your friends, a great action movie, just to be enjoyed , no questions asked!!!  And yes please a SEQUEL !!


I can only agree to most of the already said. I really had a great time today