Vancouver Sun Review of The Three Musketeers

Loved the following portion of the review from the Vancouver Sun:

At a very basic level, this film will appeal to tweens the world over, because it shows a young person doing incredible things in a credible way. But what makes this piece of matinee fluff a little bit more fun than your average poofy-pants movie is the veteran cast that includes British character actors Luke Evans, Matthew Macfadyen and Ray Stevenson - Aramis, Athos and Porthos, respectively.

These three men can generate so much depth of emotion in such short strokes, we have to stand back and give them room to move. Every turn of phrase seems to come with a matching twist of the knife, ensuring all the physical swordplay is matched by verbal shadow moves.

There's endless winks to genre, but Macfadyen deserves a little extra praise for really selling the subplot of the double-dealing romantic interest, played by Milla Jovovich, in yet another scenery-swallowing encounter. Macfadyen almost tears up when the woman he loves sells him out for diplomatic immunity and a diamond necklace.